BD Movie actor Ilias Kanchan takes money to give a selfie - what does he do with that money?

Dhaka: It takes money to take a selfie with the popular hero of Bengali cinema Ilias Kanchan. How much money did he take? What does he do with that money? Does he spend that money himself or not?

He said that if anyone wants to take a selfie with him, he asks them to put 100 Taka in the clay-bank kept in his house.

In a video live on social media Facebook on Saturday, November 26, 2022, he said that if someone comes to meet him, he needs to pay money. But he explained what he does with the money. He said that he will spend this money for the poor people of the society.

Elias Kanchan said that the branches and centers of his road safety movement Nirapod Sorok Chai will buy goats and distribute them among poor people of the country.

He is very popular in Bangladesh film world. He is the hero of Veder Meye Josna, which made him a place in the hearts of cinema lovers in Two Bangla.

BD Cinema icon Elias Kanchan

Photo: Collected

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