NATO is the cornerstone of our security-UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said that NATO is the cornerstone of London's security, and the security of its allies. 
He said, As the war in Ukraine continues to rage, we must not take peace at home for granted.

He also said, I am determined the UK will be the bedrock of NATO for generations to come. But in order to face the challenges future we must evolve as an Alliance to meet, and remain ahead of, the threat from our adversaries.

We must also continue backing the Ukrainian people in their resistance to Putin’s brutality. I’m pleased that UK-donated kit will be keeping the Ukrainian Armed Forces warm and safe as they face a perilous winter fighting for their country. He added. 

The Secretary General will arrive at Downing Street after visiting Ukrainian troops at Lydd Army Camp as part of Operation Interflex – the training programme for the Ukrainian Armed Forces pioneered by the UK.

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