USA's Dyester Makes Durable Tent Line Tentspaces

Dyester Corp. released their innovative Tentspaces division, offering high-end luxury glamping tents for outdoor use.

Dyester's Durable Tent Line Tentspaces
Tentspaces, made by Dyester Corp. Image: Dyester

MIAMI: Dyester Corp. announced the release of their innovative Tentspaces division, offering high-end luxury glamping tents. Unlike common pop up tents you see around town, this is a specialty field offering upscale tents specifically created for living outdoors. 

According to company announcement, the tents are large structures which are unique in the glamping industry. The tents are constructed offering the buyer the opportunity to live in a tent on a permanent basis if they so like. 

They sell tent units across the globe in outdoor spaces.

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Barry Sendach, CEO of Dyester Corp says, "Tentspaces offer an affordable place to camp or live. Structures are friendly to the environment, easy to set up and decorate, and feels like a home for a fraction of the price."

The company was also recently featured on episode 331 of the Bloomberg Network Show "The World's Greatest," now in its 16th year, receiving worldwide accolades and exposure by a wide diverse network of users. "World's Greatest!" is a 30-minute show on Bloomberg Television dedicated to highlighting the world's greatest companies, products, places, and people. Every show is a high-speed tour featuring behind-the-scenes footage, interviews and breathtaking visuals from various international locations.

Dyester is he leading company in the creation of domes and other complementary products. It has been expanding into all types of unique outdoor life structures such as domes, yurts from and even bathrooms, flooring and shipping container homes. Their warehouse facilities for the in stock program are located in Jacksonville, Florida, shipping within 48 hours instead of the usual 8-week delivery time. With headquarters in Boca Raton, FL, their container homes are manufactured in-house in Southern Florida, working like a traditional house.

Source: Dyester

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