What Does a Tip on Woman's Forehead Indicate?

It is beautiful to see a woman wearing a tip on her forehead. Almost everyone will admit it. But there is a lot of talk these days about wearing a tip. 

Why women wear a tip on their forehead and why some women don't wear a tip is now at the peak of talk.

Having a tip on a woman's forehead carries more meaning than beauty. Those are the main reasons for these arguments. Let's face it - most women don't know what to look for and tactics to help ease the way.

Tip on forehead of Woman

Indication-1: Women are beautiful by pressing their foreheads

It is interesting to see a woman wearing a tip on her forehead. The red tip is essential to attract the favorite male partner. 

In the villages of Bangladesh, the tip is sold in the village and on the city streets or by hawkers from house to house. The little girls started buying cheap tips from these hawkers. Starting from there. 

Little girls can't find any other meaning. They know that the tip is beautiful to look at, so buy the tip and wear it.

Indication-2: Identifying the lineage of a woman by pressing her forehead

The tip style was introduced around 9500 to 11500 years ago, in the Balmiki era in Hindu society. At that time caste or class division was strong in their society. 

Brahmins are of high class, they are very close to God, holy. They wore white sandalwood tilak on their foreheads as a symbol of holiness. Brahmins still wear white tilak. 

Kshatriyas are a warrior class, they are considered as heroes in Hindu society. They would put a red tip on their foreheads as a symbol of rage, violence and courage.

Prostitutes are traders who used to use a yellow tip on their foreheads. And the lowest class of society is Shudras. Allotted for them was a black tip. They were forced to use a black tip on their foreheads. Maybe even now.

Indication-3: A woman is considered a 'whore' by pressing her forehead

According to popular belief, if a girl is standing in the street to sell her body or for some other reason, many men look at her to see if she has a tip on her forehead, then cut if there is no tip. And if there is a tip, he likes to go to her and beat her.

A complementary Meaning

Prophet Ibrahim A. The presence of naked prostitutes at the time of its casting into the fire was the reason for the angels to leave. As a result, it is easier for the humble to throw into the fire. 

Later, to mark the women, they were given tilak or tip on their foreheads. Those who know the description of this incident know Tip as a sign of prostitution.

It is like a slap at Oscars that will bring no benefits.

Many Muslim women wear red, blue, yellow, white, and green. However, Hindu women wear the tip according to clan identity. 

According to analysts, there is no ban on wearing tip in religion. 

Even then, ordinary women refrain from wearing the tip in public to avoid embarrassment, just wear it at home.

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