Finland and Sweden Affirm aim to Join NATO

Declarations imply notable change in approach in Nordic nations that will redraw Europe's security map.

Nordic NATO

The heads of Finland and Sweden have affirmed they mean to join NATO, implying a notable Nordic strategy shift set off by Russia that will redraw the security guide of Europe.

But Turkiye could be a barrier in this joining affirmation by these countries as they have a relation with Russia. Read the news: Erdogan is Set to Hold Talks with Russia and the UN.

Leaving many years of military non-arrangement, the two nations' legislatures will introduce their recommendations to their individual parliaments on Monday and are supposed to officially present a joint enrollment application to the 30-part coalition when the choices are approved.

"The president and the public authority's international strategy advisory group have concurred that subsequent to counseling parliament, Finland will apply for NATO participation," president SauliNiinistö said, hailing the choice as "a noteworthy day" for the Nordic country.

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