Are You Truly A Drake Fan Or A Pretender?

Are You Down For Team Drizzy?

Bronx, New York: May be, as a Drake fan, you are subject to a lot of criticism and scrutiny. But why is that? Are the haters just jealous of something, or is that you have become obsessed with the artist and his everyday day business?

Everyday you hear the comment You think Drake is a good rapper and try to ignore it, but did you know that Drake fans have certain traits they share in common? For example, many Drake fans believe that Drake is one of the best rapper, Drake is more than just a rapper he is a role model, Drake is all you listen to, and Drake has influenced the way you talk to your friends.

But the question should be how do you know you are really a Drake Fan? How do you know that you are really down with Drake, or are you just an imposter? Well, now you have the opportunity to find out. 

The release of Ultimate Drake Trivia will provide you with a series of questions that will test your knowledge of the top-selling artist, determine if you are a loyal follower, or show you that you have too many drakes in your life and you need to take a Drake break.

If you are starting to feel like Drake is taking a hold of your everyday life but you are not quite sure, then try the Drake Challenge and find out.


Image: Jimmy Skirrts

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