Qtonz Game Studio comes in to market with Supermarket Cashier Game

Gujarat, India's Qtonz Game Studio developed a game for having shopping experience in supermarket virtually, a press release said. 

The QGS said that the Supermarket is a fun-loving game with an educational purpose. There are many exciting activities, such as the cash register, grocery collection, cake making, food packaging, and many more.

Improve your shopping experience by learning some useful skills while playing this supermarket game.

supermarket offers a variety of shopping departments.

Billing Counter: Train to be the best cashier in the grocery store. Scan all the given items and have fun issuing invoices. Collect the amount after scanning, and make sure to get the right amount of money like a real cashier by playing this mini-game.

Grocery Collection: It is a challenging and fun way to enhance your visual perception and develop hand-eye coordination. Grab a shopping cart and start shopping for groceries by choosing from cold drinks, cakes, biscuits, energy drinks, and many more.

Cake Maker: Become the finest cake baker in the town and make the yummiest cakes in this delicious cooking game. Give vision to the given girl’s imagination by baking the most delicious cakes step by step.

Food Packaging: Match the speed of the counter and drag every food item to its box. Increase the speed of packaging and be the fastest sorter in the shop. Look attentively at the food path, and when you see the item, quickly put it in the box.

Popcorn Making: Different types of popcorn are available in this store, like caramel, cheese, peri-peri popcorn, and many more. In this crazy popcorn maker game, make popcorn from the beginning.

Fruits and vegetables: The supermarket provides all kinds of fresh vegetables and fruits that are needed in daily life. Pick up the necessary fruits and vegetables from the moving baskets and put them in a bag.

Weighing machine: Simply grab a bag and pack fruits and vegetables in it. To avoid the red number on the scale, put the right quantity on the scale and weigh it. Play as a cashier in a realistic supermarket cashier game.

Fun Fishing: With the variety of colourful fish in this game section, it feels like going on a fishing trip! Funny sounds, mostly turtle and crab, are so funny.

Toys Locating: Locate the toy in the cupboard.

Game Zone: This collection of free games for kids makes learning fun and easy.

Duck Carnival: a game zone where users can play the Duck Carnival game.

Clean the Market and Car Parking are both enjoyable games.

Qtonz Game studio

Image: Qtonz Game Studio 

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