Theatrical vibes of I Panic in his compelling music release 'Can't Imagine'

Witness this seasoned artist I Panic to offer you some intriguing music releases like ‘Can't Imagine’. This lyric is a perfect blend of music and seamless narrations. 

South Holland, Netherlands: Groove along with the charming vibes of I Panic, this multi-instrumental artist is reaching a lot of people within a very short time. Being a very passionate music artist he always vouches for every minute detail in his songs. His recent release ‘Can't Imagine’ is like a breath of fresh air. With minimal instruments, he has created magic. Whether you are impressed with the charming lyrics of the song or you are intrigued by the profound music, this song is perfect in every form. A press release said. 

Good poetry always engulfs the consciousness while music captures the mind, and Marcel van Tetering has been extremely detailed with both aspects of the song. He produced the number and the song was distributed by Nuvole Music. His music has some eclectic charms including the ecstatic charm of alternative and the rock touch is very impressive to witness. The music releases of I Panic are highly inspired by the works of Tom Waits, Cole Porter, Randy Newman, Jacques Brel David Bowie, Joe Jackson, Elvis Costello, Fischer-Z, and R.E.M.

You must listen to his songs like ‘I'm Here in the Fridge’, ‘Take My Hand’, ‘I Will Never’, ‘Kill the Dog’, ‘The Smile Is Gone’, ‘Decade of the Clown’, and ‘Gimme Your Money’. In each of these numbers, you can thoroughly enjoy the grooving styles of this brilliant artist. The theatrics of his music release is always very gravitating to experience. He will surely be back with more impressive numbers like ‘Can't Imagine’ soon. Until then you can witness his numbers on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube. You can also follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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I Panic

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