Dana Group Behavioral Health releases new guide on how to support a friend with depression

NORWELL, MASSACHUSETTS, USA: Depression in human health is a very common mental health condition. It is likely that someone will have a friend who experiences depression at some point. Dana Group Behavioral Health recently passed out a new lessons on the best way to support a friend or loved one with depression. 

They explain how to be there for someone in a healthy manner, even as they seek out professional support and treatment.

There are several outlined ways to accomplish this. First, it's important to be aware of the specific signs and symptoms of depression. If someone notices others’ struggles, then it is an opportunity to gently bring them to a person’s awareness and acknowledge it. This puts a friend on the path toward getting cure.

Next, one can be supportive by listening without necessarily offering a clear solution or advice. Simply knowing they are heard can help improve someone’s depressive or low mood. 

Getting involved in their existing treatment is also a good step. Anyway one can support a friend – from showing up with them to appointments or scheduling errands and medication reminders – are all practical ways to help.

Finally, it’s important to encourage positive thinking and future planning. This ensures that someone won’t get caught up in their current depressive symptoms and will keep looking forward. Acknowledging progress, no matter how small, is key to helping people feel better.

If anyone is looking to support a friend with depression, they probably won't be able to do it alone. It’s a smart idea to recruit outside help when dealing with a mental health condition like depression. 

Dana Group Behavioral Health has qualified professionals available who can help create a treatment plan for recovery from depression – whether for a friend or oneself.

Dana Group Behavioral Health releases new guide on how to support a friend with depression

Image: Miguel Saravia

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