Google to Begin Deleting Inactive Accounts

To keep Gmail account safe, users need to be active in using Google services. 

Gmail account delete
Inactive Google accounts are set to be deleted at the end of this year. 

Tech giant Google is closure to delete it's inactive users. It will begin deleting inactive accounts starting in December 2023. 

According to the company notification, an inactive account is defined as one that has not been used in at least two years. This includes all Google products, such as Gmail, Photos, Docs, and Drive.

“We are doing this to improve the security and privacy of our products,” said a Google spokesperson. “Inactive accounts are more likely to be compromised, and they also contain valuable data that we want to protect.”

Google will send notifications to users whose accounts are at risk of being deleted. Users can reactivate their accounts by signing in to any Google product.

In addition to deleting inactive accounts, Google is also taking other steps to improve the security of its products. These steps include:

Requiring all users to set up two-factor authentication. 

Encrypting all data at rest and in transit. 

Investing in security research and development. 

Google is committed to providing a secure and private experience for its users. By deleting inactive accounts and taking other security measures, Google is helping to protect users’ data and keep their accounts safe.

Google is a global technology leader committed to developing products and services that improve people’s lives. Google’s products and services include Gmail, Google Search, YouTube, Google Maps, and Google Drive. Google is headquartered in Mountain View, California, and has offices all over the world.

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