New igusGO App Unveils Optimization Potential of Motion Plastics

AI-powered app identifies opportunities to reduce costs and extend service life for over 450 industrial applications

igusGO app’s intelligence is constantly evolving
igusGO app’s intelligence is constantly evolving. Image: Collected


Igus, the Germany-based manufacturer of motion plastics, has announced the launch of its new AI-powered search application, igusGO. This innovative app utilizes artificial intelligence to showcase the optimization potential of igus motion plastics technology for over 450 industrial applications.

With igusGO, users can simply take a photo of their application, whether it’s a coffee machine, a bottling plant, or an excavator. The app’s intelligent system then analyzes the image and provides recommendations on how igus products such as plain bearings, linear guides, or cable carriers can be incorporated to enhance performance and reduce maintenance costs.

“Many of our customers are not aware of the diverse application options available for our products,” remarked Frank Blase, CEO at igus. “The igusGO app addresses this gap, providing users with readily accessible insights and recommendations.”

The igusGO app’s intelligence is constantly evolving, with its database expanding daily based on user submissions. “The app is intended to be a source of inspiration,” noted Blase. “We encourage users to share their projects and contribute to the collective knowledge base.”

Further enhancing its digital offerings, igus has also developed an AI-powered product recognition app for its e-chain energy chain series. This app enables users to photograph an installed e-chain, and the AI will promptly identify the correct replacement part number from the extensive range of 50 available chain series.

“Our product recognition app streamlines the spare parts ordering process for companies,” stated Peter Wirth, Head of Digital Sales & Marketing at igus. “Employees can quickly identify the necessary replacement parts, ensuring efficient maintenance and downtime reductions. 

The igusGO app is now available for free download on Android, iOS, and as a web version at The app is currently available in English and German, with additional languages planned for future releases. igus is also exploring the integration of an AI chatbot to provide users with real-time assistance and answer their questions directly within the app.

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