Mom's Nightmare: Unapproved School, Unsupervised Teacher, and a Child Betrayed

Her story serves as a stark reminder that vigilance is crucial in protecting children from harm, and that no school, regardless of its status, is immune to abuse.

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A Louisiana mother's worst fears were realized when she learned her daughter had been sexually harassed for months by her teacher at a small private school. Even worse, the school operated without any accreditation, state approval, or supervision, leaving children vulnerable to abuse.

The mother, identified only as Sarah, believed she was doing the right thing by choosing a small, private school for her children. However, she soon discovered that the teacher, John Smith, had a dark past. He had been arrested for sexual assault decades earlier, but the charges were reduced to a lesser offense. In 2000, the Louisiana Department of Education revoked its approval of the school, yet it continued operating as an unapproved entity, operating under the radar and outside the reach of state oversight.

This lack of oversight proved detrimental to Sarah's daughter. For months, she was subjected to Smith's inappropriate behavior, leaving her traumatized and deeply affected. Finally, in June 2023, Smith was arrested, but the damage had already been done.

Sarah's story highlights the disturbing reality of unchecked private schools and the vulnerability of children entrusted to them. It raises serious questions about the effectiveness of existing regulations and the need for stricter oversight of all educational institutions, regardless of their affiliation.

Following the incident, authorities are investigating the school and its operations. Sarah, meanwhile, is focused on healing her daughter and advocating for increased accountability in the private education sector. 

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