American Women Records with 42 Feet Nails


Woman Records with Nails

This woman's name is Diana Armstrong. who is an American citizen. She has achieved a world record with her 42 feet long fingernails. On August 3, Guinness World Records announced this amusing information.

This news caused quite an uproar among people all over the world. The question in everyone's mind is how she could make such big nails.

According to the news, this world record was previously owned by another American woman Ayana Williams with 18 feet 8 inches long amazing nails. But in the end, no one cares much about her as she has clipped her record-setting nails. Now, Diana Armstrong has taken her place with her big colorful nails.

Diana Armstrong, a 63-year-old resident of Minnesota, USA, has 42 feet 10.4 inches of fingernails. It really shocked us. In a statement, Guinness World Records said, she has now broken all previous records with his nails.

Ironically, Diana Armstrong has not cut her toenails for 25 years. However, she did not tell her relatives about the idea of ​​writing her name in the Guinness World Records. Finally she succeeded.

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