GP Experiences 5G Connectivity


Grameen Phone 5G

The largest mobile operator Grameen Phone (GP) demanded that it experienced 5G mobile data network yesterday on September 23, 2022.

Although, it was a good news for mobile network service users, people of Internet took the news as a joke as the company is failing to provide 4G and even 3G connection smoothly.

People say like-What a joke huh!!

They urged the company that the GP should ensure their current services before step into new era.

Develop poor network & so-called 3G/4G which are absolutely downwards. 

Another important opinion was like - "Dear Grameenphone, Maximum Data transfer rate of 4G is 100 MBPS. Can you prove that you have reached that data rate! So reach maximum data transfer rate of 4G first". 

The user also wrote that why you are running behind 5G when your 4G notwork covarage is not enough ! Please improve older network packages then move to 5G. 

People on social media suggested that  brandding of a product is important, its gives you more client but you lose your client if you do not keep your promise to the clients.

Media sources say that if Grameen Phone can start 5G mobile network service, users may have a pleasant connection with 1000 MBPS per second. 

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