Toyota will livestream the World Premiere of the All-New Prius on November 16


An expected Toyota livestream of the All-New Prius World Premier is set on November 16. 

In addition to this site, the livestream can be watched on Toyota Motor's official YouTube channel. A reminder can be set by logging in to your YouTube ID and accessing the above YouTube Live URL.

Streaming speakers are Simon Humphries, Senior General Manager, Design.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will livestream this World Premiere of the All-New Prius to give a better feel that the company is serious for customers. 
Toyota said that the ending time is subject to change depending on the circumstances.
And the video will be available on-demand shortly after the livestream.

Toyota has identified and is helping to solve issues faced by individuals and overall society, which Toyota calls "Achieving Zero," hoping to help reduce the negative impacts caused by these problems to people and the environment to zero.

Additionally, Toyota is also looking "Beyond Zero" to create and provide greater value by continuing to diligently seek ways to improve lives and society for the future.

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