“We are determined to realize the Century of Türkiye programme”-Erdogan

Addressing citizens following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting, Turkiye President Erdoğan said: “Just as we have achieved our country’s goals for 2023, which constitute the greatest leap forward in democracy and development in the history of our Republic, so too we are determined to realize the Century of Türkiye programme.”

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held a press conference following the Presidential Cabinet Meeting at the Presidential Complex.

Making statements on the agenda items of the meeting, President Erdoğan said:

“We have had a period marked by steps auspicious for our country and nation since the latest cabinet meeting.

We broke ground for the ‘My First Home, My First Business’ project, the biggest-ever housing move in Türkiye, in Ankara’s Sincan district on October 25. Drawing of lots has already kicked off in the initial phase of this campaign covering a total of 500 thousand houses, 1 million housing spots with infrastructure and 50 thousand businesses.

In 10 days starting right from today, we will determine the beneficiaries by drawing lots before a notary for over 22 thousand houses in 12 provinces. The process of drawing lots will inshallah finalize by the month of March. In the meantime, the construction of houses will start in all the provinces once the preparations have been completed. The process regarding plots and businesses is also underway.

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