LG Announced that, with Convenient Functions, Enhanced LG TV Integration and Powerful Sound, it's Latest Electronics Models Provide Innovative User Experiences and Consumer Custom. 

SEOUL, South Korea: Electronics company LG Electronics is unveiling its 2023 sound bar lineup, including the brand-new SC9 and SE6 models, at CES 2023 in Las Vegas in the first month of upcoming year, a press release said. 

The sound upgrading is a perfect match for LG's 2023 TV lineups, the new sound bars deliver outstanding consumer value with powerful, nuanced audio, a range of practical, convenient features and stylish frames.

It unveiled at CES take your home entertainment audio to a whole new level. 

The sound bar models offer seamless integration with it's TVs, providing an effortless user experience and stronger, more authentic sound that makes home entertainment even more tangible. When paired together, LG sound bars and LG TVs present innovative, new features such as WOW Orchestra, 1 which utilizes every one of the two products' audio channels to create an expanded soundstage with improved height, depth and power. It's sound bars and LG TVs offer more synergy for multi-dimensional sound system, allowing listeners to enjoy Dolby Atmos and IMAX enhanced quality controlled by DTS:X.

It also brings the intuitive interface to the Home Dashboard on LG TV, enabling users to easily manage their sound bar's settings and share sound modes with the TV.2 What's more, WOWCAST allows the 2023 sound bar models to connect wirelessly with LG TVs, providing cable-free convenience and a tidier watch in the living room without any compromise with audio graphs.

In addition, it boasts a sophisticated design that complements the minimalist frame of LG's latest TVs, and fits in flawlessly with a wide variety of d├ęcors. A fresh bracket3 enables users to place their LG sound bar directly below their LG TV, creating a visually harmonious and premium style. The bracket, which adds to the rear of a compatible LG TV, can be used to wall-mount or stand-mount the new sound bars at a height or location that ensures the best sound experience for consumers. The easy to use bracket helps to keep the viewing environment free from cable clutter and saves users the hassle of having to drill holes in the fence.

The 2023 sound bars deliver accurate sound reproduction and enhanced clarity for a more complete home cinema experience with LG's Triple Sound Technology, which includes the world's first Triple Up-Firing Speaker. New for this year, Triple Level Spatial Sound Technology employs channel analysis performed by an HRTF-based 3D engine to add a virtual mid-layer. The consequence is incredibly lifelike sound with a convincing sense of space that puts listeners at the centre of an immersive audio touch.

Listening people will also be able to hear the difference made by LG's Triple Sound Optimizer – a feature that intelligently boosts the new sound bars' performance – and enjoy upgraded sound via the Smart Up-mixer, which converts two-channel audio into stunning, multi-channel surround. Tailoring audio output to the user's space, LG's enhanced AI Room Calibration analyzes the circumstance of the hall, then applies that information to the sound bars' settings to emit greater precision in the low-frequency stone. It also subdivides the front channel frequencies to help improve overall balance, the clarity of vocal performances, movie dialogue and the accuracy of the sound image.

What's more, the new models incorporate LG's advanced AI Sound Pro style. Ensuring outstanding sound for any type of content, whether it is movies, sporting events, games or music, AI Sound Pro analyzes audio signal and automatically applies the most appropriate configuration.

Catering to the diverse home entertainment needs of today's audiences, LG's new sound bars are compatible with a wide range of options, devices and connectivity features. People can enjoy lossless playback with stunning audio quality when listening to their favourite artists and tunes on music streaming services such as Tidal Connect with high-fidelity voice or music.

For those seeking to take their console gaming experience to the next level, company's latest sound bars support VRR to reduce screen tearing, and ALLM to eliminate lag while also permitting 4K/120Hz pass-through.

One of the new sound bars LG will be putting at CES 2023, the SE6 has a compact form factor that is ideal for smaller spaces, and a sleek, modern design that works well with virtually any interior style. Despite being the most diminutive of LG's sound bar lineup, the chic, new model bundles four passive radiators that help provide excellent sound with powerful bass. The SE6 also supports Dolby Atmos for cinematic audio that brings content to reality.

It will be on display during CES 2023 from January 5-8 at the company's booth (#15501, Central Hall, Las Vegas Convention Center). 

Three features of LG sound bars

1. WOWCAST can be used with Wi-Fi-enabled sound bars. WOW orchestra will be applied via software update.

2. It will be applied via software update.

3. Bracket along with SC9 model is compatible with LG's 2022 and 2023 OLED C series.

LG Electronics Canada is the Canadian branch of LG Electronics Inc., a USD $63 billion in global sales innovator in technology and consumer electronics headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. It's Canadian office in Toronto.



Image: LG Electronics Canada

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