Dianña's New Country Song "A Street Called Evergreen"

Dianña rediscovers her roots in this autobiographical tale of her beginnings as a singer-lyricist. She brings the new song after Consecutive TOP 20 Adult Contemporary Hits.

Dianña's A Street Called Evergreen
Dianña: Image: Billeegee Productions

LOS ANGELES: Even though Dianña's last two releases were crossover Adult Contemporary hits, her new one is "A Street Called Evergreen" is squarely in her wheelhouse as a storytelling Country music singer-songwriter.  

The music has been released today on radio, Spotify, Apple Music, and all major music platforms, reports her label Billeegee Productions.

Singer Dianña said, "I wrote the first draft over ten years ago about my childhood living in a particular house. That draft had a negative tone as I was trying to exorcise often bad and even traumatic memories through my songwriting. But I was never able to finish it. Then a year ago I decided to visit the house and it had been torn down, which took away many of the bad memories for me. So, I rewrote the song focusing on the positive memories." 

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Her holiday release was "Missing You Underneath the Mistletoe" rose to number 14 on the Adult Contemporary Holiday Chart of Billboard, and her previous song "Hands" spent seven weeks on its inside the top 20, where she was also the number 1 independent artist for five of those weeks.

Dianña's A Street Called Evergreen
Dianña's A Street Called Evergreen. Image: Billeegee Productions

Dianña wrote the lyric "A Street Called Evergreen" it was recorded in Nashville by Grammy nominated producer/mixer Mark Needham, Imagine Dragons, Dolly Parton, Chris Isaak.

Source: Billeegee Productions

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