Cinder Shine Back to Her First Love

Cancer Diagnoses Turned Artist Cinder Shine Back to Her First Love, Songwriting, after a long she made this.

Cinder Shine
Cinder Shine. Image: Mark Wilder

California: After a 30-year detour as a fitness expert and author, Singer-Songwriter Cinder Shine’s terminal cancer diagnosis brought a chance to make music creation a source of healing. The singer found a community of like-minded artists who will to warn him up.

His website on his name is ready to receive donations and to get listeners digital download. This collection of songs will be available as a collection for a limited days.

“I’m inspired everyday by these fantastic musicians that are in my community,” Cinder says. “I just want to give back to all of them and show people that your life doesn’t have to stop when you have a scary diagnosis. Sometimes it’s just the thing you need to get you living your life again, one day— one moment at a time.”

The Artist is known for her smile and joie de vivre. That’s how she got her name. Cinder inspires and supports her fellow creatives with all her heart. Visionary wisdom fuels her songwriting. 

Fresh talent and experience make her a compelling artist. With an unending belief in goodness and a great sense of humor, Cinder is not only a great collaborator, but more important, a loving person.

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