New York to Canada Flights: Everything You Need to Know


As a traveler, choosing a destination to enjoy snowballs might be a good plan. But flight choices must take some care. Canada as a destination can be overwhelming. There are many airlines that offer flights from New York to Canada, so you have plenty of options to choose from. Accordingly, you need to benefit from the best airlines to fly with. You might hear about Air Canada in this case, but there are other good airline services. Canada's best place can be Toronto, although its other places are also good. Flights to those places do not differ too much. In this post, you will get a brief idea about flights from York to Canada, airlines, fares, and duration.

New York to Canada Flights
Cost of Flights from New York to Canada vary from airline to airline. Image: Andre Furtado

New York to Canada Flights

Flights will provide you American and Canadian foods to refresh. See the details of the flights here.

Distance from New-York to Canada

How far is New York from Canada by plane? The shortest distance between New York and Canada by air is 3,456 km. The flight time is 1 hour, 40 minutes. In addition, the shortest distance between these places is 5,200 km, according to the route planner. The driving time is approximately 62 hours. You will see some hotels and restaurants in Canada during this rout.

The best airlines to fly

The most popular airlines to fly from the USA to Canada include:

  • Air Canada: This flight service provider ranks as a superior airline, although low-cost fares are available via the Express service. It has different services, for instance, Signature class, Business class, Premium Economy class, Full Economy class, and Discount Economy class. The average flight rate is 180 USD.
  • United Airlines: United flights from New York to Canada start at $270. The airlines offer the best fares from New York to Canada in premium cabins with speedy Wi-Fi.
  • Delta Air Lines: For flights to Canada from the USA, Delta's facility has one of the best fares with its low fare commitment and exceptional service. Book directly on Delta's site for quick confirmation. Its average cost is 170 USD for this flight.
  • American Airlines: Its announcement that it is a flagship first is a testament to the potential of a well-rounded, luxurious air travel experience. It has VIP priority privileges throughout the journey. American Airlines charges 250 USD for this flight.
  • WestJet: For last-minute flights from New York (John F. Kennedy) to Vancouver, you can buy a ticket on WestJet. The airline offers swift, safe, and comfortable flying. It charges 175 USD to give its ticket.

This list offers a variety of flights to different destinations in Canada, so you can choose the perfect flight for your tour plan. And the ticket costs are for round-trips.

The Average Price for One Way Fly

One-way New York to Canada flights average price is 90 USD to 100 USD. You can choose a time when you can get more discounts. The cheapest times to fly from New York to Canada are typically during the off-season, which is from November to March. Sometimes, a round-trip flight may give you a discounted price.

Popular destinations

The most popular destinations in Canada for people flying from New York are Toronto and Montreal. But we can include Vancouver, Calgary, and Ottawa as well. Canada cities and provinces have many tourist attractions.

The cities in this country offer a variety of attractions, from world-class museums and art galleries to stunning natural beauty including Canadian culture.


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Are you searching for flights from New York to Canada? Find the best selections and fly in style with the above-listed airlines. Book your tickets in advance. You may find a one-way flight for 50 USD to save money. There are some airfare and ticket deals for cheap flights from the USA. Before buying it, you may compare the sites.

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