Facebook Fixes Glitch That Sent Erroneous Friend Requests, Offers Review

No more friend request surprises! Facebook addresses a glitch and allows users to review requests sent between February and March 2024.

Clear Out Your Queue: Facebook Lets You Review Sent Friend Requests
Facebook fixes bug causing mistaken friend requests. Users can now check and withdraw requests sent between February and March 2024.

California, April 11, 2024

Facebook has announced a fix for a bug that caused some users to send unintended friend requests between February 17 and March 29, 2024. 

The company hasn't disclosed the exact cause of the issue, but assured users in a notification on Thursday, "We recently fixed an issue that caused some friend requests to be sent by mistake. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

This glitch might explain the wave of unexpected friend requests some users experienced during that period.  

"I woke up one morning to a notification overload!" said Sarah Pedro, a social media manager. "There were friend requests from people I didn't even know. It was really strange."

Another user, John Lee, commented, "At first I thought maybe I'd accidentally clicked on something, but then I saw others talking about it online.  Glad Facebook fixed it."

Facebook has also implemented a new feature to help users address the issue. You can now review the friend requests you sent during that time frame. This way, you can identify and withdraw any unintended requests.

To review your sent requests, navigate to your activity log on Facebook. Look for the "Friend Requests" section and filter by date to identify requests sent between February 17 and March 29, 2024. You'll then have the option to withdraw any requests you don't recognize.

Facebook hasn't mentioned if any additional measures were taken beyond the fix and the implemented review option.  

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