MAXHUB Delivers a Flawless Microsoft Teams Experience

Beat the challenges of remote & hybrid work! MAXHUB's white paper with Intel reveals how to equip meeting rooms for success.

MAXHUB & Intel's Guide to Smarter Meetings
MAXHUB offers a seamless solution for a more productive workday.

As remote and hybrid work models become the norm, companies are scrambling to create seamless collaboration solutions for their distributed teams. MAXHUB, a leading provider of communication and interactive display solutions, is at the forefront of this movement, forging strategic partnerships with tech giants like Intel and Microsoft to ensure a frictionless and productive work environment.

Joint Effort for Smarter Collaboration:

MAXHUB understands the challenges faced by organizations navigating the remote and hybrid work landscape. To address these needs, they partnered with Intel to co-author a white paper titled "Transform Your BYOD Meeting Space into a Microsoft Teams Rooms." This insightful document underscores the critical need for equipping small and medium-sized meeting rooms with video conferencing capabilities. 

Powering Performance with Cutting-Edge Hardware:

The partnership with Intel extends beyond research and white papers. MAXHUB integrates Intel's powerful 12th Gen Core processors into their MAXHUB XT Series (Pro) products. This ensures exceptional performance during crucial collaborative sessions, excelling in areas like rendering, computation, and video encoding.  These advancements guarantee a smooth user experience, even during extended meetings where teams brainstorm new ideas, solve complex problems, or make crucial decisions.

Beyond Hardware: A "Titanium Partnership" for Innovation:

The MAXHUB and Intel collaboration goes beyond just hardware integration. This "Titanium partnership" signifies a commitment to joint innovation. Both companies are dedicated to developing cutting-edge solutions that push the boundaries of the meeting collaboration industry. This dedication to progress ensures that MAXHUB products remain at the forefront of technological advancement. 

Seamless Microsoft Teams Experience:

Understanding the crucial role Microsoft Teams plays in many organizations, MAXHUB prioritizes a seamless integration with this platform. The MAXHUB XT Series offers an unparalleled Microsoft Teams experience, leveraging the power of AI integrated with the Microsoft Azure Cloud. This ensures a secure, robust, and user-friendly experience for all team members, regardless of location.

Beyond the Big Two: A Network of Specialized Partners

MAXHUB extends its collaborative spirit beyond Intel and Microsoft. They work with a network of specialized technology providers to optimize and improve every aspect of their communication solutions. This includes industry leaders like:

Extron: Redefining enterprise AV and conferencing control with a simple tap on the MAXHUB Teams Rooms Console.

Nureva: Simplifying setup, streamlining management, and reducing costs for audio-visual conferencing systems.

Sennheiser: Offering top-notch audio solutions for crystal-clear communication, complementing MAXHUB's visual content and meeting experiences.

INOGENI: Expanding the versatility of meeting rooms and enabling seamless BYOM workflow integration.

Q-SYS: Delivering robust and reliable integrations with MAXHUB displays within the Q-SYS Ecosystem.

Audio-Technica: Ensuring excellent video and audio quality in conference rooms. 

Huddly: Enabling a multi-camera experience in a Teams room, bringing a touch of Hollywood magic to regular conference spaces.

A Future Filled with Options

By fostering partnerships with leading technology companies, MAXHUB positions itself at the forefront of developing smart collaboration solutions. Their commitment to innovation extends beyond existing products, with plans to offer an even broader range of product formats in the future. This ensures they can cater to the diverse and evolving needs of enterprises across the globe.

MAXHUB's dedication to collaboration and a user-centric approach paves the way for a future of seamless, productive interaction in the ever-evolving world of remote and hybrid work.  

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