Prog.AI Transforms Tech Recruitment with Powerful Chrome Extension and Google Sheets Integration

Find top talent faster with Prog.AI's Chrome extension & Google Sheets integration. Streamline workflow, access vast developer data & boost collaboration.

Prog.AI Chrome Extension for Recruiters
Chrome extension of Prog.AI empowers recruiters! It capture emails, analyze profiles & source from GitHub.

San Francisco, CA, June 8, 2024:

Prog.AI, a frontrunner in tech recruitment AI, is revolutionizing the industry with the launch of a groundbreaking Chrome extension and Google Sheets integration. These innovative tools empower recruiters worldwide to streamline and optimize their workflow.

Prog.AI's Chrome extension equips recruiters with a robust feature set to save valuable time and effort. Instant Email Capture allows users to effortlessly collect candidate emails directly from LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, facilitating immediate communication.

But Prog.AI goes beyond basic contact information.  in-depth exploration in Developer Profiles offers a comprehensive view of potential hires on LinkedIn. Recruiters gain access to technical skills, GitHub project details, and Prog.AI's unique Likely-to-Move score. This score predicts a candidate's openness to new opportunities, allowing for more targeted outreach.

Understanding the importance of diverse sourcing, Prog.AI empowers recruiters to tap into the vast talent pool on GitHub.  The extension enables users to Recruit engineering talent from GitHub by providing a list of project contributors with contact details directly within the platform.

Unlocking the Power of Data

Prog.AI's secret weapon lies in its massive data collection.  By seamlessly integrating information from GitHub, LinkedIn, Stack Overflow, and other sources, Prog.AI builds in-depth profiles for over 60 million software developers. This unparalleled access to vast developer data allows recruiters to find the perfect fit, even for highly specialized skillsets.

The Prog.AI Chrome extension offers complimentary use, making it accessible to a wide range of recruiters. Prog.AI also provides paid plans with extended credits and advanced functionalities for those seeking additional features.

Enhanced Collaboration with Google Sheets

The new Google Sheets integration further empowers recruitment teams.  With a Single-Click Data Export, recruiters can effortlessly transfer candidate information directly from LinkedIn and GitHub into their Google Sheets. This fosters Enhanced Collaboration, enabling easier data sharing and analysis within teams. Additionally, the integration ensures a smooth workflow by seamlessly connecting with existing Google ecosystem tools.

Prog.AI's innovative Chrome extension and Google Sheets integration represent a significant leap forward in tech recruitment. By harnessing the power of AI and data analysis, Prog.AI empowers recruiters to find top talent faster and more efficiently.

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