Arab World Gives Strong Message to India over Defamation of the Prophet


Nupur Sharma

The Arab countries have not given a statement on the Kashmir issue either. This time, after attacking Nabi, they have put a big shock on the BJP's defeat by pressuring India. It remains to be seen how much of an impact this shock will have on them.

‘There is no reason to think that Muslim countries are stupid-ass ... everyone was waiting for a spark. When someone attacks the Prophet, it is not one or two Muslim countries, but an attack on the entire Muslim Ummah. '

It is believed that the recently sacked BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma handed over the spark to the Arabs. The BJP politician's harsh words about the Prophet have caused outrage in the Muslim world. She is a leader of the central executive committee of the BJP, India's ruling Hinduist party, and one of the party's spokespersons.

Nupur Sharma's controversial remarks have caused a stir among Muslims and opponents in the country for the past few days, but the government has not listened to them.

Narendra Modi's government was shaken after the Qatari government called  the Indian ambassador to Doha with a summon and demanded an apology from the BJP spokesperson.

More than a dozen Muslim countries, ranging from Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Saudi Arabia, have since circulated statements expressing outrage. The language of some statements is quite strict.

The Arab world has publicly called for a boycott of Indian products and essential goods on social media. Meanwhile, shops in Kuwait have stopped selling Indian products.

Egypt's Al-Azhar statement said, "Insulting Islam for the votes of some hardliners is tantamount to extremism. This will lead to mutual hatred and mistrust among followers of different religions. '

Casey Singh, a former Indian diplomat, said it was a reaction to the BJP's anti-Muslim and anti-Islam politics year after year.

The government is a little shaken with this red colored news.

‘Looking at the talks and activities, it seems that the BJP and the Indian government are a little worried. The BJP, which has not lent any remorse or regret in the last eight years, removed Nupur Sharma, 'said Indian journalist Smita Gupta.

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