Google Wallet Launched Worldwide

Google Wallet


According to their announcement, the desired new app-Google Wallet has finally been launched globally.

At the Google I/O conference held last May, the widely discussed and popular technology giant Google said that the new payment app will be open to users by connecting various features of other apps with their Google Pay app. 

This Google Wallet app will bring a revolutionary change in money transactions among internet users. Quick and easy money transactions are preferred by customers. They want to send or receive money securely. Apart from the convenience of conventional apps, the issue of low transaction costs will certainly appear as a regulator.

Now that Google Wallet is officially launched, it is being downloaded from 39 countries of the world. However, this app will work differently in some countries. Along with the payment facility, there are some other features with Google Wallet. Those features are definitely important to customers. These features will give different taste to everyone. There is a bunch of amazing features. For example, there is facility to save vaccine card, transit and event tickets, boarding and loyalty pass.

The features offered by Google Wallet are similar to those of Apple Wallet. However, Google Wallet has some additional benefits, including integration with other Google apps such as Maps. The name Google Wallet may sound familiar to some. But the new Google Wallet is definitely different.

When a new app is released to internet users there is a response everywhere. If it is about wealth for people then its importance increases a lot. Google Wallet is one such app that is making a comeback.

In 2011, Google launched an app with the same name. That feature was later incorporated into Google Pay. Now most of the features of Google Pay app are being added to Google Wallet. You can also search your Play Store to use the Google Wallet app.

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