Turkiye President Erdogan threatened ground attack in Syria

Turkiye President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has threatened a ground attack on Syria. Global media reported that Erdogan had threatened to launch a military operation in Syria after three Turkiye citizens were killed by a rocket fired from inside Syria on Monday.

Earlier, the Turkiye Air Force attacked several Kurdish guerrilla positions in northern Syria.

After that attack, this rocket attack was launched from the northern part of Syria inside Turkey. 31 people were killed in a Turkiye airstrike in Syria.

On November 13, 6 people were killed and 81 injured in a suicide bomb throwing in Istanbul, Turkiye. Turkiye has been claiming that the Kurdish guerrilla organization called PKK was involved in the attack.

After this, last Sunday, Turkiye carried out airstrikes on Kurdish guerrilla hideouts in Iraq and Syria.

The country's Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu said that the Syrian Kurdish guerrilla YPG carried out the attack on the Turkiye border town of Karkamis on Monday.  

Three Turkiye citizens were killed on Monday by a rocket fired from inside Syria. Turkey's interior minister said that the Syrian Kurdish guerrilla YPG carried out the attack in the town of Karkamis on the border with Turkiye.  

Suleiman Solu said five rockets were fired, one of which hit the school. 6 people were injured out of which two are in serious condition.

The rockets fired from Siparia hit two houses and a truck crossing the border. Windows and doors of the school were smashed and a truck caught fire.

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Photo: Murat Hazar from Pixabay

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