Glamour Dancers from all over the World in Ohio Battelle Hall

The Ohio Star Ball returns to the Battelle Hall for it's 44th annual glitz and glamour ballroom dancing contest, where some of the most notable pro and amateur dancers from across the world swept the floor literally and physically.


Columbus, Ohio: It is the BALLROOM BLITZ. Dancers from all over the world and even right here in central Ohio gathered at the Hyatt Regency's Battelle Ballroom for a grueling and energetic contest and I got to be right there in the middle of it All.

The Ohio Star Ball (OSB) was conceptualized as a single day of competition under the direction of Sam Sodano, and 44+ years later this Championship has developed into the largest Pro/Am competition in the world today. 


Now boasting an stunning five days and a variety competition series like "Best of the Best" these athletes (and YES! they are athletes.) Waltz, Rumba, and Cha Cha their way to gaining the title of World Dancesport Champion plus thousands in prize money. 

Over the five days, the event is broken up into ten matinee/evening phases of pro and amateur bringing their best moves in categories like American Smooth, International Latin, and amateur rhythm. not to mention the solo and showtime performances and the junior and youth series dare I say give some of the seasoned pros a run for their prize money and look especially adorable while doing so.


Now trust me when I say that with five days of events there is way more than (OSB) has to offer but there is so much that you just have to be there to see. Starball is an Experience!, Everyone, especially if you are native to Ohio should see it at least once. 


The thrill of the competition, the dips, the lifts, the outfits, the best type of sensory overload all while defying the laws of physics and gravity. It's a shame that (OSB) is no longer televised because it would open up a new and amazing world to its viewers; via the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) from 2006-2015.

All and all I must say I most certainly will be returning for the excitement in 2024 and I hope to see you there because like Sam Sodano says "There are no strangers at the Ohio Star Ball, only friends we have not yet met!"

BALLROOM BLITZ glitz and glamour

Image: Lee T. Mapp III, Ohio Star Ball 2022

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