Fire Up Your Lancers, The 'Gears Of War' Universe Is Coming To Netflix

On the 16th anniversary of the main video game’s 2006 release, Netflix announced a partnership with The Coalition to adapt the Gears of War universe, a press release said.

Netflix will first adapt the video game saga into a live action feature film, followed by an adult animated series, with the potential for more stories to check out.

With over 40 million copies sold, Gears of War is one of gaming’s richest and most acclaimed sagas.

A society divided and on the brink of collapse faces total extinction by the Locust, a monstrous threat from below. Delta Squad, a ragtag fireteam led by disgraced sergeant Marcus Fenix, is now charged with leading humanity’s last stand.

The series has been certainly acclaimed for redefining the tactical third-person and co-operative shooter genre and has one of gaming’s most passionate fanbases.

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