How do I get Verizon 5G?

Verizon 5G

The 5G network of Verizon is now most demanding service in the United States. 

To get Verizon 5G, you need a 5G enabled smartphone. Verizon has a wide selection of 5G phones and devices including the newest Apple iPhone, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy. You can see the full 5G Verizon phone list here:

Then, you require to select a 5G phone plan that works for you. To get the 5G Ultra Wideband network and their 5G Nationwide network, choose from the best Unlimited plans. Those are 5G Play, 5G Do, 5G Get More. 
All other plans only include 5G Nationwide. Not all 5G devices are compatible with 5G Ultra Wideband and a software update (when available) may be required.

Use 5G network for better internet speed. 

You can see the full selection of 5G phones by visiting, and the full selection of 5G plans by visiting

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