Dotmatics Introduces Built-in GraphPad Prism Integrations

Scientific organizations will accelerate drug discovery programs with this Dotmatics innovation Built-in GraphPad Prism Integrations by easily exporting large assay sets with faster decision making, using higher quality data.

Built-in GraphPad Prism

Boston: Dotmatics, a leader in R&D scientific software connecting science, data, and decision-making, today announced integration between its scientific R&D platform and its GraphPad Prism product, the world's leading analysis and graphing fix for scientific study. 

Researchers can export assay data directly to Prism from the latest release of the Dotmatics' cloud-based platform, a critical step towards ensuring that all information shared meets FAIR data principles. Users can create Prism templates with preset analyses and graphs, making it easier to export data from Dotmatics ELN and screening tools using a standardized procedure. 

The GraphPad Prism provides scientists with an easy-to-use, reproducible, no-code method to create publication-quality graphs.

"Prism is beloved by our customers because it's a versatile statistics tool built for scientists, not statisticians," said Kalim Saliba, Chief Product Officer. "Dotmatics is the first and only R&D platform to offer integration with Prism, enabling scientific organizations to save time, accelerate research, and promote higher quality data. It is another step forward in our vision to combine the functionality and power of many of the industry's favorite applications into an end-to-end platform, creating solutions that can help our customers transform their scientific R&D."

This integration will save scientists significant time, both in gathering data, particularly when collating across experiments, as well as in performing the analyses by using Prism templates. It also enhances data quality by eliminating the need for labor-intensive, manual manipulation of data. For a school or company, this means accelerated drug discovery programs where decisions are made faster, relying on higher quality data. 

In utilization, you will see a  scientist using Dotmatics screening tool may want to analyze data from a new assay using statistical calculations that are not available in the tool, and also produce high quality charts for a presentation. With the integration, the scientist can export the individual experiment data, with or without a Prism template, directly into Prism. By using a template, they will automatically perform statistical calculations and generate charts of the data. This saves hours of time manually exporting, formatting, and importing data into Prism and then performing the calculations and generating required table. 

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