NASA Invites Journalists to See Mars Habitat Before Crew Enters for One Year

The mission is the first of three planned in NASA's CHAPEA habitat.

NASA Mars Habitat
NASA’s simulated Mars habitat includes a 1,200-square-foot sandbox with red sand to simulate the Martian landscape. The place will be used to conduct simulated spacewalks or “Marswalks” during the analog missions. Photo: NASA

Washington: Journalists are invited to visit NASA's simulated Mars habitat on Tuesday, April 11, at the agency's Johnson Space Center in Houston, USA. They announced this charming information on March 24, 2023. This summer, four space volunteers will begin a yearlong Mars mission in the ground-based habitat, helping NASA prepare for human exploration of Mars for the benefit of the earth.

It is the first mission of three planned in NASA's CHAPEA habitat, or Crew Health and Performance Exploration Analog. It is cued to begin in June when the volunteer crew, who are not astronauts, enters the 3D-printed habitat.

Crew members will carry out different types of mission activities during this experience, including simulated spacewalks, robotic operations, habitat maintenance, personal hygiene, exercise, and crop growth. To be as Mars-realistic as feasible, the crew also will face environmental stressors such as resource limitations, isolation, and equipment error.

Crew members will not be there as they'll arrive at NASA Johnson later this spring to begin training for the simulated mission. The in-person media event includes an opportunity to speak with subject matter experts and capture b-roll and photos inside that place.

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There are a Moon to Mars exploration approach in the agency's plan. NASA is leading a return to the Moon for long-term science and exploration through Artemis missions. Lessons learned on and around the Moon will prepare this space science administration for the next giant leap – sending the first astronauts to Mars.

Source: NASA

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