SAS Seeks Crowd-driven AI to Help Sea Turtles

SAS will apply crowd-driven AI and machine learning to help protect sea turtles in bad situation.

Turtle help in sea by AI
Crowd-driven AI to help sea turtles has been made in Florida. Image: SAS

Orlando, Florida: SAS INNOVATE is going to apply crowd-driven artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning system to help protect vulnerable sea turtles. 

They also helps track deforestation in the Amazon, the analytics leader is now working with the UNC Center for Galapagos Studies (CGS) to further research in sea species. 

They made an app that called ConserVision, citizen scientists are invited to match images of turtles' facial markings to help guide a SAS tech vision model. 

Researchers will have valuable information more quickly to better track each turtle's health and migratory patterns over periods of time after imaging. 

"As our challenges as a global community get increasingly more complex, we need dynamic ways to go and use information to ramp up conservation efforts," said Sarah Hiser, MSc, Principal Technical Architect at SAS. "By using technology like analytics, AI and machine learning to quantify the natural world, we gain learning to help protect ecosystems and face climate change."

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They are also home to the Galapagos Science Center, a research facility jointly run by UNC-Chapel Hill and the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in Ecuador.

"For over 10 years, the Galapagos Science Center has hosted exceptional scientists doing innovative research that increases our understanding of the environment and results in positive real-world outcomes," explained UNC-Chapel Hill Interim Vice Chancellor for Research Dr. Penny Gordon-Larsen. "This innovative public-private partnership with SAS will enhance the center's capacity for analyzing data that will positively impact both the environment and the people who inhabit these magnificent islands." 

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