How Dragon Girls by Maddy Mara is a Fun and Exciting Book Series

The Dragon Girls is a magical story for children . It is a series by Maddy Mara. You will find it fun and exciting series of books especially for girls ages 7-10 and who love travels

What is in this books? The Dragon Girls follows the adventures of three girls, Azmina, Willa, and Naomi, who discover that they have the ability to transform into magical dragons. The girls use their powers to keep safe the Magic Forest from the Shadow Sprites, a group of evil creatures who are trying to destroy the trees and animals.

Find why I recommend to read this book series.

Dragon Girls
Dragon Girls Book Series. Image: Collected

Book Review: How Dragon Girls Book Series is Awesome!

The books of Dragon Girls are full of action, adventure, and friendship. The girls are strong, courageous, and resourceful, and they always work together to overcome challenges. These also feature a diverse cast of characters, including girls of different ethnicities, abilities, and studies.

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It might be a great choice for girls who love dragons, magic, and adventurous travels. The magical books are well-written and engaging, and they promote positive messages about friendship, braveness, and patience.

Things I liked about the Dragon Girls

Here are some of the likeable things that I liked about the Dragon Girls books:

  • The characters are strong, brave, and relatable.
  • The stories are full of action, adventure, and friendship.
  • The book images natures, as if it is in the area of Niagara Falls
  • The books promote positive messages about friendship, courage, and self-acceptance.
  • The books are well-written and engaging.

Also I will share some of the things that I didn't like about the magical book Dragon Girls:

  • The imaginary imaginary books are a bit predictable. It is a common problem of children books, though.
  • I think the characters could be developed next.
  • The books could be more diverse.

Overall, I enjoyed the Dragon Girls series. I would recommend it to girls who love adventurous story with magical touch.

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Extra Thoughts on the Series

Here are some additional thoughts on this girl-story series: Mara found a great way to introduce children to the idea of magic by this story. The story can help kids develop a positive self-image. The books can teach children about the importance of friendship and grouping for task complete and communication.

The Author Maddy Mara is the pen name of Australian creative duo Hilary Rogers and Meredith Badger. Hilary is a writer and former publisher; Meredith is a writer and teaches English as a second language. They have jointly written many bestselling stories for young children. 

The most recent series of them is The Dragon Girls. It's marketing is in a titan strategy. Over 1.5 million copies in different languages were printed and are available in book-shop or general stores in different countries. It must be a huge number and the PR strategy is also likeable to readers. 

I would definitely recommend the Dragon Girls series to children ages 7-10. I found it a fun, exciting, and heartwarming story-lines that will appeal to girls who love exciting kid-stories. The book is safe for kids and moms as well.

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