Zinnia Health, Unite Us enables cross-sector collaboration to improve people's health

Zinnia Health partners with Unite Us to boost accessibility to inpatient craving treatment for veterans and first entails.

Partnership between Zinnia Health and Unite Us
Zinnia Health and Unite Us will make a platform to enhance community health contact. Image: ChicHue

Exeter, Rhode Island:

Zinnia Health, and Unite Us is going to help each other with the cross-sector collaboration to improve people's health and well-being. Both organizations are set to establish a centralized platform that streamlines vital access for veterans and first responders to community-based resources through a meaningful care network.

The authorities of the organizations informed that Zinnia Health and Unite Us will securely connect people together in need with community-based resources that can otherwise be tough to navigate. 

Unite Us supports the Healing for Heroes program to provide a central point of contact where health and wellness providers can securely receive referrals for people who struggle with substance abuse and connect them to treatment program services while recording progress and measuring results.

This program in Exeter, Rhode Island caters to the needs of veterans, active-duty military, police officers, corrections officers, firefighters, and paramedics. Zinnia Health's philosophy is to bring recovery to men and women who suffer from substance abuse and addiction through compassion and understanding. The Zinnia Health has designed programs to break through to the core issues that drive negative, destructive, and codependent behaviors.

"Here at Zinnia, we made it our goals to offer Rhode Island's veterans and first responders a place to heal and feel at home. It's our pleasure to offer Healing for Heroes and meet you exactly where you're at in your personal mission for recovery," said Kristi Provuncher, General Manager, Zinnia Health Exeter.

In Rhode Island, Unite Us helps connect people to much-needed resources and services, such as harm reduction help, transportation, and mental and behavioral aid. Partners in the Rhode Island network are connected through Unite Us' shared technology platform, enabling them to securely receive electronic referrals and address people's health and social needs with wraparound help to thrive community health.

"Unite Us' collaboration with Zinnia Health will improve care for first responders, veterans, and active-duty military by connecting Zinnia Health patients to wellness resources that impact people's day-to-day lives," said Laudine Koster, Associate Director of Customer and Community Success, Unite Us.

"Through the network, Zinnia Health will use Unite Us' platform to connect patients to harm reduction and behavioral clinical care programs that will provide a path to recovery and enable them to thrive and live healthier lives."

Based on 2021 Vista Research, clients who completed inpatient care with Zinnia Health experienced a 94% satisfaction rate, and 98% of clients diagnosed with severe depression reported improvement after taking care.

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