MEXC Announces Exclusive Fees for MX Holders

The promotion is a reward to MEXC's commitment to giving benefits its users and fostering a thriving trading community.

MEXC Announces Exclusive Fees for MX Holders
MEXC Crypto. Image: Collected 

Leading cryptocurrency exchange MEXC is celebrating its loyal users with an exciting promotion that offers significantly reduced futures trading fees for those who hold the platform's native token, MX. 

Effective from December 1, 2023, users who hold at least 1,000 MX will enjoy a taker fee of just 0.01%, making MEXC one of the most competitive exchanges in terms of futures trading fees. 

This promotion is a testament to MEXC's commitment to rewarding its users and fostering a thriving trading community.

Exclusive Benefits for MX Holders

In addition to the reduced taker fee, MX holders also enjoy a range of other benefits, including:

Reduced spot trading fees: MX holders can enjoy a 10% discount on spot trading fees, making it even more cost-effective to trade crypto currencies on MEXC.

Increased withdrawal limits: MX holders can enjoy higher withdrawal limits, making it easier to move their funds in and out of the exchange.

Priority customer support: MX holders can access priority customer support, ensuring that their queries are handled promptly and efficiently.

How to Participate in the Promotion

To participate in the promotion, simply hold at least 1,000 MX in your MEXC account. Once you have met the minimum MX holding requirement, you will automatically be eligible for the reduced taker fee. 

The promotion is valid until further notice, so there is no need to take any additional action.

MEXC: Committed to User Rewards and Growth

With this promotion, MEXC is once again demonstrating its commitment to rewarding its users and fostering a vibrant trading community. 

By offering exclusive cookies to MX holders, MEXC is encouraging users to engage with the platform and experience the many advantages it has to offer. 

As MEXC continues to grow and expand, it remains committed to providing its users with the best possible experience, both in terms of trading opportunities and rewards.

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